Occupational Therapy Services for children in San Francisco

About Total OT Services

TOTS provides assessments, treatments, and consultation for children ages 0-17 years in English and Spanish. Services are individualized, and provided in the home, clinic and school settings.  They are  offered one-to-one, or in groups.  For more information about Adaptive skills/ social groups please visit Whole Child Play Group

Classroom and phone consultation is available, as well as, training and in-services for teachers. The clinic is centrally located with easy parking.

Jazmin Elek is an occupational therapist who specializes in the area of pediatrics. For the past 15 years she has worked with a diverse population of children. She is passionate about her work and diverse in her methods.

During her career she has taken advance courses in Sensory Integration, Hand development, and Neuro Developmental Treatment to name a few. She has worked both locally and abroad, including India, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. Jazmin has also been a licensed cosmetologist, since 1986.  Currently she uses her haircutting skills to assist children with sensory processing difficulties.

When not working, Jazmin enjoys playing guitar, cycling, spending time with her family and hiking with her dog.